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Putzmeister М 58-5

The installation is a powerful constructive unit on the vehicle chassis. It is produced by the Putzmeister Company and is designed to convey the ready-mix concrete in horizontal and vertical directions.

Concrete running directly to pouring zone:

  • significantly reduces the labor intensity of the concrete works;
  • increases the pouring rate;
  • simplifies and facilitates the work of construction workers.

The production of the concrete pumps was started in the second half of the 20th century. The units had quickly become popular. The work of the concrete pump becomes especially efficient when conveying the concrete over the large distance or height and placing a great volume of concrete within a short time.

Concrete pumps are successfully used:

  • when pouring foundations;
  • when constructing flyovers, bridges, buildings and structures.

The value in use of concrete pumps is due to its portability on the building ground, ability of close placement to the feed point and quick motion to the new working place.

Main features of concrete pump

  • Putzmeister M 58-5 concrete pump is mounted on five-axle or six-axle vehicle chassis.
  • It is equipped with 5-section distributing jib of RZ-type.
  • It has a small deployment height (12.3 m) which simplifies an operation in tight working space.
  • The concrete pipe diameter is 125 mm; it makes it possible to convey concrete with a capacity of up to 200 cubic meters per hour.
  • Putzmeister M 58-5 installation can convey concrete vertically up to 57 meters and horizontally up to 54 meters as well as bring it down to 42 meters.

Putzmeister M 58-5 concrete pump is the most popular type of concrete conveying equipment among the building contractors. The «Massive» Group actively operates the installation and offers it on a leasehold basis.

This machine will significantly reduce the cost and the timely performance of construction works.

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