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LIEBHERR truck crane 32 ton boom 44 m

Truck crane is lifting mechanism, mounted on a truck chassis. It has tower-boom equipment that allows not only to produce cargo lifting, but also move with it at a low speed.

Features of truck cranes

  • The main value of the a truck crane is its portability (the ability to quickly arrive at a given point), to make lifting work and go to another job.
  • Cranes used in building, industry, the transport sector, the communal area.
  • Working with the crane is connected both with the rise of piece goods, and with the installation of technical equipment and structures.

Quite a lot of international companies engaged in the production of truck cranes. The most well-known and well-established company is Western European LIEBHERR. Truck cranes of this brand are in high demand around the world for their high quality, reliability, mobility and maneuverability.

For example, LIEBHERR truck crane lifting capacity of 32 tons is widely used in all areas, as is most convenient to carry out the vast list of lifting operations. Boom length of 44 m provides the mechanism in most material handling operations.

Technical characteristics of LIEBHERR truck crane 32 ton boom 44 m

  • the size of the reference circuit with extended beams - 6.28 m x 6 m;
  • maximum speed - 80 km / h;
  • overall dimensions - 1095 x 2500 x 3600;
  • truck crane weight - 24 tons.

Hydraulic control system allows you to perform the lifting operation with high accuracy. Multiaxial chassis and independent system of rotation of the wheels make the crane very confident for maneuvering on the small areas.

The operator's cabin contains a heater, air conditioner, equipped with noise screens, adjustable seat and steering column, a sliding-strength glass, joystick control and display.

Rent of atruck crane is the most convenient form of payment for lifting operations. It does not bind the employer to perform the necessary procedures, does not require maintenance steps. Tenant receives quality work in a short time.

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