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The caterpillar Hyundai R290 excavator

The caterpillar Hyundai R290 excavator is a powerful digging car intended for:

  • digging of foundation ditches, embankments and trenches;
  • working out of quarries;
  • loadings of bulks( granular materials).

Features of the model:

  • The excavator can work with the loosened rocky beds and the deep-frozen soil.
  • It is applied in industrial, road and city construction.
  • The structure can be adapted for works in difficult conditions, on bogs, for the discharge of operations with the extended boom.
  • The hydraulic actuator of the excavator allows to attach the additional hinged equipment: hydrohammer, grapple truck and hydroscissors.
  • Delivery of the excavator to object is made with the help of a low-frame platform.

Technical characteristics:

  • the weight of the excavator — from 29 tonne to 30 ton;
  • power of the diesel engine — 227 hp;
  • the maximal speed — 5,2 km/h;
  • width of caterpillars — from 600 to 900 mm;
  • digging depth — from 6 m to 8 m;
  • unloading height — 7,6 m;
  • ladle capacity — from 0,79 to 1,85 m^3;
  • digging radius — 11,4 m;
  • speed of turn of the platform — 10,6 rp/min;
  • overall dimensions :10,56 m x 3,2 m x 3,29 m;
  • capacity of a fuel tank — 480 liters.

The excavator differs in operation in big reliability and in a low consumption of fuels and lubricants. One of its advantages is high maneuverability in limited space. The cabin of the operator is equipped with a convenient seat, effective authority and the conditioner.

At incidental need for services of the excavator the most economical decision is rent of equipment. The rent excludes necessity of service of the excavator, maintenance and replacement of worn-out parts, allows to perform works with high efficiency without outlays for acquisition.

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