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The ground road roller HAMM 14t

The ground road roller HAMM 14t is intended for consolidation of natural or imported soil at road construction or carrying out special works.

Road rollers are used for:

  • for laying rubbly or the land basis;
  • for consolidation after the end of processes of stabilization and homogenization of a covering mineral and the organic astringent structures.

The result of work of a road roller: the considerable increase of the bearing capacity of the main layer and resistance of a soil covering to mechanical influences. The capacity of the condensing impact of a road roller of HAMM 14t on soil allows to reduce the height of a road-bed, that reduces amount of works and their price. The car is able to work with soil of various granulometric composition, different indicators of durability, viscosity and humidity.

The road roller HAMM 14t is equipped both smooth, and cam with trucks. The last allows to condense more intensively the soil on more considerable depth without formation of a strong top crust. The advancing cams have the special trapezoidal form, which don't allow a layer loosening at the exit from soil.

The road rollers of HAMM are equipped with a convenient ergonomic cabin with the rotating seat for the circular review.

Technical characteristics:

  • Type of a valets — vibration.
  • Vibration amplitude — to 2 mm.
  • Engine capacity — 134 hp.
  • Working speed — to 6 km/h.
  • Weight — 14,25 ton.

Road rollers of HAMM series 3000 are equipped with the full hydrostatic drive and system of automatic control of force of draft. Cars of a basic complete set are equipped with a usual hydraulic system, and in more developed complete set, instells the microprocessor system of Hammtronic, which operates the hydraulic actuators of the course and the vibroactivator. The mode of vibration of a trucker, activated by the vibromechanism, considerably strengthens the condensing impact on soil.

The Hammtronic system increases profitability of the car for 30%, prevents pro-slipping of wheels and a truck on rises, allows to regulate influence of the force fromthe least to the most powerful.

HAMM road roller is the difficult modern unit, its price is also rather high.

Rent of a road roller of soil HAMM 4t is most convenient during various operations to destination of the mechanism at incidental requirement. She exempts the tenant from difficult service, allowing to perform large volume of works with high efficiency.

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