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The wheel excavator VOLVO EW 180

The wheel excavatorVOLVO EW 180 is a modern effective digging car intended for:

  • digging of ditches, trenches, holes and gutters;
  • loading of the dug-out soil on vehicles;
  • construction and reconstruction of roads;
  • laying of engineering communications;
  • repair and recovery operations;
  • dismantle of small structures.

Features of the model:

The movement of authority of the excavator is made by the hydraulic system, providing simultaneous fulfilment of various movements.

The aggregate is equipped with the diesel engine VOLVO with the 160 hp turbo-supercharging ,which is specially developed for excavators. It is different in small noise and profitability.

Control of the excavator is exercised with the help of an electronic control system. The operating mode can be programmed.

The cabin of the excavator is executed in ergonomic design, is equipped with system of climate control with an effective filtration of air, is established on hydroshock-absorbing fixing support. The good review and management during the work are provided. The seat of the operator, the console of management, a steering wheel are regulated, according to individual parameters of the person

Change of the working equipment is carried out very quickly and rather simply.

Technical characteristics of the excavator:

  • Capacity of replaceable ladles — from 0,4 to 1,1 m^3.
  • The mass of the unit — 20 ton.
  • The depth of the hollow — to 6,4 m.
  • Course speed on the highway — 35 km/h.
  • The maximum speed of turn of a tower — 10 rp/min.
  • Overall dimensions of the excavator — 9,0 m x 2,75 m x 3,1 m.

High efficiency of the excavator, universality of use, convenience and safety of operation explain its rather high price. It makes sense to buy such expensive equipment only to the companies, who have constant loading of the excavator on production. For others, who use it only incidentally, the rent of the excavator will be much cheaper. In this case possibility of fulfilment of work is provided with modern equipment in short terms, and also lack of all problems, connected with service and legal providing the unit.

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