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Atlas Copco XAVS 196 Dd

Diesel mobile compressor XAVS 196 Dd is designed to generate and deliver the compressed air to the drives of industrial tool of different types:

  • pick-hammer;
  • mine stopper;
  • heavy perforator and so on.

Unique features

The compressor is produced at the Atlas Copco Plant (Wuxi, China).

It comes on the two-wheeled vehicle chassis or without chassis on the bottom, slide bars or bearing support for mounting it on the cargo transport vehicle.

It is mounted on the strong base and equipped with a weather-proof noise hood.

Basic technical specifications of XAVS 196 Dd compressor

  1. The unit capacity is 11.3 m?/min and it is all sufficient for work of three tools which are connected with the help of ? inch posts. The fourth post with the diameter of 1.5 inches is designed to energize the compressed air stationary line of the shop or the small plant.
  2. The maximum operation pressure generated by the compressor is 14 bars and the minimum – 4 bars.
  3. The compressor drive is brought into action via the cable shaft with the help of the diesel engine with the Deutz BF4M1013FC turbo-supercharging with the capacity of 118 kW.
  4. The idling fuel consumption is 12.5 kg/hr and the fuel consumption in peak operations is 25.6 kg/hr.
  5. Fuel tank capacity is 175 liters.
  6. The compressor can operate at temperatures from - 35 ?С to + 45 ?С, with that the normal start-up is guaranteed at a temperature - 20 ?С (with the availability of cold start system in a set).
  7. Installed weight (on the chassis) is 2000 kg and the size is 4550х1770х1780.

Control and monitor system

The compressor is equipped with the electronic control system with the registered parameters representation on the four-rowed liquid crystal display which is mounted on the control panel board. It shows:

  • operation pressure at receiver output;
  • level of fuel load;
  • temperature of supplied compressed air;
  • service hour meter;
  • temperature, engine oil pressure and its speed;
  • levels of compressor oil and engine coolant;
  • working state of compressor: warming-up, cooling, startup, load, underutilization, emergency shutdown and availability to start.

The installation of operation pressure is made with the help of regulating valve. Using the valves, which response to the changes of air operation pressure in receiver, the control and monitor system automatically increases the engine speed and, consequently, its productivity at the reduction of operation pressure and, conversely, reduces the productivity when the pressure increases up to the high threshold value. Thus, the value of the compressed air produced volume always corresponds to the needed volume. This control scheme saves the fuel and the resource reserve of the tool.

When there are the violations of the compressor and engine normal operation (abnormal temperature and pressure of air, oil, fuel level, loading of air filter, vacuum indicator operation, etc.), the control and monitor system provides a warning (audio and light alarm) and if the cause of trouble is not excluded, it makes an emergency shutdown of the unit.

The «Massive» Group offers the XAVS 196 Dd diesel mobile compressors to all the interested companies for the operation on a leasehold basis.

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