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Dismantling boiler facility

Dismantling by competent contractors is an inherent complex service in boiler facility reconstruction, overall renovation or demolition project. Dismantling works include manual or mechanized stripping of boiler facility equipment and also demolition in a neat manner of walls, coverings, pipelines and other building structural elements followed by construction and demolition debris removal and utilization.

The advantages of boiler facility dismantling by competent contractors

All works providing by our company are performed with due consideration of each building structure and location individual particularities and customer requirements. Before construction dismantling execution the detailed work sequence schedule is drawn up focusing on building specify aspects. It allows quick and as neat as possible providing building dismantling in accordance with all safety and health building code requirements.

Being good equipped with up-to-date special technical tools and having high qualified personnel with considerable experience in dismantling of all types of constructions we guarantee quality workmanship. Boiler facilities dismantling cost is defined by numerous aspects and usually calculated individually.

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