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Raising and utilizing of river and sea vessels

The industry of vehicles utilizing, including sea-going and river vessels, is still fragmentary in Russia. Nevertheless, its development is given a lot of attention. It is expected that with the heavy use of high-tech industry of recycling will be formed by the year 2020. The recycling of sunken barges, the number of which is increasing every year, brings direct benefit:

  • first, it is cleaning of water ponds from the lumps of metal, rusting in the water;
  • secondly, it is the ensuring safe navigation;
  • thirdly, it is the economic benefit, because the cut part of the ships will be delivered to the metallurgical plant.

LLC “GC “Massive” has the necessary equipment for raising sunken vessels. Our specialists know well what high requirements are needed for process recycling in plan of safety for the environment. Mechanism for end-of-life ship recycling is clearly established in law. These ships can be sawing up only on the special platform located away from the coast. This can be done only when all liquids will flow down in the tank.

Utilization of ships includes processes such as:

  • dismantling of marine equipment:
  • locating ships for storage;
  • safe recycling.

Most of ships have a lifetime that lasts no more than a few decades. Their further exploitation, alteration and renovation are unprofitable. But the utilization provides an opportunity to reuse materials from the ship (first of all –steel), as well as some equipment.

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