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Dismantling building in Slantsy town

Our company provides services in demolition and partial dismantlement of multi-storey reinforced concrete buildings. It is a laborious and complex process. This includes structure survey, project and cost estimate documentation development, dismantling or demolition itself and finally demolition debris removal and re-use.

Hi-rise buildings dismantling peculiarities

Partial dismantling or demolition of hi-rise reinforced concrete buildings can be made by one of the methods:

  1. Dismantling the structural components. Some of structural components can be recycled depending on structure existing condition.
  2. Industrial method. This means dismantling by specialized machinery.

Customer preferences and building peculiarities are taken into consideration when choosing dismantling method. In some cases the combination of methods can be applied.

The advantages of dismantling by professional contractors

Our company has considerable experience of dismantling works and also has in service all necessary machinery and equipment. It enables us to execute dismantling of all types of buildings carefully and technically correct and with due regard for their specific characteristics and customer requirements. The cost of services depends on many aspects and in each case is estimated individually.

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