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Dismantling RC baths in Petralatumnom workshop

Our specialists dismantling of reinforced concrete constructions have great experience and qualifications of these works in industrial premises. Specificity of this works — we don't use large special equipment because there is a risk of strong vibrations, which can lead to the destruction of the walls of the building.

Features dismantling of reinforced concrete construction

Our company proceeds to such works after careful research of object and forming of the detailed plan. We mainly use the method of the diamond cutting for dismantling of reinforced concrete elements. This technology allows carefully and quickly to dismantles constructions without the risk of causing damage to all building. The main advantages of this technology are most accurate results and the absence of dust because water is used in the process as tool of cooling.

We remove and recycle of debris after completion of the dismantling, completely freeing the area for other subsequent work.

Our company professionally and high-quality dismantles any reinforce concrete constructions taking into account the features of their location and wishes of customer.

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