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Small hydroelectric power stations on the Tohmajoki river

The specialists of «GK “MASSIV”» company made a complete dismantling of small hydropower (SHPS) building located on the coast of the river Tohmajoki (Republic of Karelia). During the project realization a processing of supporting structures to the rock fractions was arranged, as well as its further transportation for disposal procedure.

Dismantling of SHPS building was implemented in several stages.At the first stage following actions has been taken by the specialists of the company:

  • investigation and analysis of climatic, geological, and hydrological working conditions;
  • preparation of the working area;
  • isolation of the demolition work area;
  • marking areas that are dangerous because of the special equipment operation.

At the second stage the specialists of the company have implemented the access roads to the work area. The third stage included the following steps:

  • dismantling SHPS storeys;
  • clearing the overlaps;
  • dismantling the covers;
  • shredding of the dismantled structures;

During the project, following special equipment was used by the specialists of «GK “MASSIV”» company:

  • excavators equipped with hydrohammer and hydroshear;
  • lifting machinery;
  • loading and unloading machines.

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