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Dismantling of the Right Bank THERMAL POWER STATION

Dismantling includes the complete or partial destruction of structures construction. For objectives reasons, such actions can be associated with the inability to use. These may be unsafe, moral and physical deterioration or the prospect of the installation of new equipment. It is necessary to dismantle the old equipment to equip the enterprise with new one.

Massive LLC performs the dismantling by skilled technicians (using modern equipment) are able to solve problems of any complexity. According to their stated objectives, we are ready to move the removed device to another location or to recycle them. All of our actions are performed according to the work plan, tentatively agreed with the customer.

Dismantling work on the TPS provides for operation such as disassembly:

  • elevated parts of buildings, floors, metal frames, frame prefabricated constructions;
  • steam boilers and turbines;
  • reinforced concrete chimneys;
  • radioactive equipment;
  • auto-transformers;
  • elevated work platforms;
  • power floors;
  • metal trusses;
  • railroad tracks.

LLC “GC “Massive” has significant experience in action at such facilities. If your company needs such assistance, you will be satisfied with the low cost and tight terms.

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