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Bridge via Assilaniyoki River

Team of MASSIV LLS has carried out development and construction of bridge via Assilaniyoki River. It is referred to a bridge supporting framework of which has cross section. The major feature of framework bridges lies in substantial reduction of bridge support load as well as increase of their operation life and simplifying of construction process. At present similar bridge constructions are actively used all over the world. They are applied in construction of footbridges, river bridges as well as railway and through bridges.

Framework bridges have section block structure based on cross spiraling and longitudinal load-bearing members. Bridge stability depends mainly upon their longitudinal elements. As a rule, not less than two elements are placed at the bottom part of the bridge and become a support of the footway.

Framework bridge assembling is carried out in several steps. They are:

  • Drilling of mating elements of all the assembly modules;
  • Modules loading and transportation to the installation place;
  • Arrangement of modules in blocks;
  • Block mating;
  • Assembling of covering;
  • Installation of fence and support elements.

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