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The arrangement of bored piles based on CFA technology in Sortavala town

The arrangement of bored piles is one of the projects implemented by LLC "GK “MASSIV”" in Sortavala town. For this purpose the experts of our company used high-performance CFA technology (or Continuous Flight Augering). Its main feature is drilling augers and its further filling with concrete. Today the world's leading building companies are actively using the CFA technology.While drilling, screws’ columns are constantly descending down. At the same time the concrete mix is being supplied through its hollow inner part with the concrete pump.

Next, by means of special vibrators it is immerses in a previously prepared frame. During the filling process of wells with concrete, the columns are rising without disconnecting the screws. Thus, a maximum density of the mixture is provided over the entire area of the hammering pile. The remaining air leaves the concrete due to continuous operation of the vibrator.

The main competitive advantage of CFA technology in the speed of the bored piles. As practice shows, one working cycle requires about 45 minutes. That is, it is quite possible to arrange at least 25 piles a day.At the same time to maintain this speed a technological slab of concrete is necessary because it promotes the rapid movement the drilling rig on the entire working area.

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