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Concrete plant

Good quality concrete has always been and shall be in demand. Not even a single construction project can be completed without it. Therefore to meet our necessities, we thought of acquiring our own concrete plant.

Mini Concrete Plant- This is an outfit of inter-related technical equipment’s meant for the production of concrete right on the site. Thus the construction site is supplied with ready concrete of superior quality, without any delay or hindrances. This is the most important requirement at present.

Productive capacity of the plant: 120 cu/m per hour. The high accuracy of the mixing plant helps in producing concrete of all grades. The concrete is produced strictly under/by ГОСТ-7473-2010 {State Standard}. All the units of the plant work in a balanced order, so that the ready concrete meets according to the established standards. It’s not only mixing the required percentage of components, but creating a high quality concrete.

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