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Construction of piles field

Piles field is complex sunk piles which are intended for placement of the foundation building or structure. Piles take the load as the weight of the structure and pass on compressible or incompressible soils.

Calculation of piles field

Calculation of piles field is complex engineering task. It's produced after careful geodetic, geological and meteorological research on the construction area and surrounding territories. The result of calculation is a working draft of piles field, taking into account the weight of the structure, nature and soil density, proximity to groundwater, weather and climate impacts, quantity, types and methods of construction piles.

Piles field should ensure completeness of building during the expected life taking into account impact of temporary and adverse factors. The calculation of piles is the most justified and effective in the following cases:

Construction on soft ground, which include loam, sand-clay, vegetable and loess soils which characterized by low strength, high compressibility, deep freezing. Piles are must transmit the weight load on the deeper more dense soils.

Construction of buildings on heavy ground. In this case, there isn't need for digging and driving long piles. The whole foundation can building on a small piles cone type or without them.

Variants for the construction of piles field

Piles field can be performed in different location, quantity and type:

  • single piles under the load of individual supports;
  • bush pile as supports under loaded columns;
  • complex piles in a grid with uniform step which used in the construction of small structures with high vertical load;
  • piles installed in series to a support wall;
  • inclined piles installed at points of significant vertical loads.

Piles field is constructed using all methods of piling into the ground: pile driving, vibration, indentation, screwing, bored.

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