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Method of soil stabilization

Mass stabilization is a method of soft soil stabilization by means of addition of binding agentin order to increase soil strength on the given plot.

Soil stabilization in Saint-Petersburg

Stabilization system consists of three elements: high-pressure feeder, mechanical mixer and control system.

High-pressure feeder supplies binding agent to the soil.Mixer installed on the excavator moves and mixes binding agent with soil in three directions simultaneously. Controlsystemmeasures, managesandrecordsstabilizationprocess.

We can single out the following advantages of soil stabilization:

  • Wet soil on the plot is not an obstacle for work;
  • Removal of unfit soil is not needed;
  • Quantity of transported materials is reduced significantly;
  • Processed material can be used as a foundation of buildings;
  • Transportation expenses as well as environment impact are reduced;
  • Exploitation costs are low;
  • Mixture is more uniform than that obtained while using other methods;
  • Wider range of soil strength is possible to achieve.

This method is fast, cost effective and environmentally friendly. It is most suitable for embedment and dynamic strengthening of soft soils as well as for improvement of soft soil deformation properties. Asaresultofmassstabilizationasolidplatformoccurs. Platform depth can reach up to 5 m depending upon the soil state and excavator equipment.

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