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Sheet piling works

Sheet pile is a special metal section all the elements of which are firmly connected with clutches. It is applied in civil and industrial engineering operations such as erection of residential houses, hydraulic structures as well as bridge and embankment footing, road, oil and gas pipe line construction. Sheet pile structure provides security of new and reconstructed objects and guarantees their adequate stability.

Estimation of all the nuances as well as choice of the right method of sheet pile installation in accordance with landscape peculiarities is a task lying within the competence of our team.

We offer the following methods of sheet pile installation:

· Impact method (pile driving with hammer) is suitable for any types of soil. However there are limitations of operating in the vicinity of residential buildings.

· Vibration method (with the help of vibrating pile driver) is the most efficient one while working with water-saturated soil.

· Sheet pile pressing is applied in case if there are slum buildings or samples of architecture nearby. It is very efficient, has rather high performance and improves operation process.

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