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Reinforced concrete pile installation (using impact method)

Piling works in Saint-Petersburg

While erecting industrial buildings and structures as well as high-rise residential buildings and large trade centers a secure foundation is needed. To construct foundation that will prevent any structure from subsidence piling works are required at the foundation work stage.

MASSIV LLS fulfils piling operations of any complexity and in a high quality manner. We strictly observe all the regulations and occupational safety rules. All the engineers and teams of piling machines are highly-skilled professionals with large working experience.

Method of pile installation is chosen depending upon the characteristics of soil and requirements to pile installation at the given plot.

Major directions of piling works are:

  • Erection of power transmission towers;
  • Erection of cell towers;
  • Cottage foundation construction;
  • Construction of hangars and ware houses;
  • Low-rise construction;
  • Construction of industrial buildings and structures on soft soils.

Piling works are a starting stage of any construction process; future security of the whole building or structure will depend upon the quality piling works were fulfilled. If you entrust piling works to us you can be sure of the security of your object foundation!

Price of piling works depends upon:

  • Type of piles (applied technology, pile section);
  • Object distance;
  • Project complexity;
  • Characteristics of soil;
  • Installation depth;
  • Volume of works.

Price is calculated for each object individually on the basis of the above-mentioned factors.

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