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Drilledpiles – Fundex technology

Drilledpiles – Fundex technology in Saint-Petersburg

Driving piles were basic type of piles used in construction up to the 1990s. Driving pile technology was characterized by a certain volume of noise and impact on soil masses. Thus it was impossible to use the given technology in close city development in order not to cause damages of buildings. Fundex technology developed in Netherlands has become a good alternative to it. Fundex technology has been applied by Russian construction companies for more than 25 years.

Fundex Technology Description

Unlike installation of the ready-made reinforced concrete piles Fundex technology is based on hole drilling without soil extraction and forming pile out of concrete and reinforcing frame just in the place of its installation. A tapered roller fixed in the bottom of mobile steel pipe is a ground of the future pile as well as the main drilling tool. The roller works as a cutting tip. It is a pig iron spiral cone with offset axis against spindle it is set on. By spinning into the ground and applying torque moment side surfaces of screw tip draw ground apart in radial direction of the hole axis. The ground strengthens significantly and makes solid walls of core. If needed, additional rollers adjusted in the sequence with the bottom roller increase hole diameter in accordance with the requirements.Screw tip is fixed to the heavyweight drill pipe via threefold soft membrane system that prevents core from water penetration. Afterprojectdepthisreacheddrillingstops.Reinforcing frame welded beforehand is put down to the pipe in the ready-made hole. After that with the help of tremic pipe hole is filled with concrete of the required grade. During the filling process mobile pipe is taken out of the hole without a roller. It is done step-by-step by alternative rotation of the pipe around its axis and application of drawing force from above. Pig iron roller is left in the hole and becomes solid footing of the pile increasing its bearing capability. Thus, significantly strengthened soil in the hole becomes a sort of pile’s frame when pile’s body is filled with liquid concrete. Fundex technology allows producing piles with 380mm to 600mm diameter and up to 45m long.

Advantages of Fundex technology are the following:

  1. Absence of strong dynamic impact on ground layers at the bottom of pile that has great importance while applying this technology under conditions of close city development.
  2. Absence of necessity to extract soil from the hole and transport it outside the construction site.
  3. No need to produce, transport and stock ready-made reinforced concrete piles.
  4. Great speed of hole drilling which is up to 380 m per day.
  5. Low level of noise while installing piles according to Fundex method unlike that of driving method. It allows conducting drilling works all day long.
  6. If the pile is produced ina quality manner it has high bearing capability which is up to 400 tons.

Fundex drilled pile installation technology is widespread as it allows conducting works in partial load mode for soil masses located under close construction objects. Minimal distance from the pile to the existing object equals 1.5 m. Pile installation can be conducted in close proximity to the existing buildings.

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