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Bored piles arrangement under the casing pipe protection

Bored piles arrangement under the casing pipe protection (St. Petersburg services)

Bored piles arrangement is the most practical way of the foundation construction. As the technology allows to avoid the excessive noise and soil destruction, it is suitable in the conditions of cramped site coverage. Casing inventory pipes are required for drilling of water-saturated and soft soils as well as for sinking of deep shafts (up to 70 meters).

Casing inventory pipes is needed to protect the trunk form the soil restructuring and its influx on the well that can cause the dramatically increase of the excavated soil volume. That can also cause the increase of injected concrete and the decrease of pile capacity.

Excessive amount of excavated soil can result is numerous complications (for example, neighborhood wall cracks and deformations which are cause by the uneven subsidence of buildings). Casing pipes protects piles from negative impact of weak and quicksand soils.

Process technology:

«Bored pipes under protection» installation technology is reduced to simultaneous well drilling and squeezing of the casing inventory pipe into the soil. To introduce the casing pipe into the soil the cutting tip is installed on the right bottom part of the section.

The advantages of bored piles arrangement under the casing pipe protection:

  1. The possibility of manufacturing large diameter (up to 1500 mm) and considerable depth piles (such piles can withstand the heavy load).
  2. The possibility of pile building in the conditions of cramped site coverage and closely operating facilities.
  3. Absence of walls crumbling and soil deformation (due to the low dynamic loads during construction).
  4. Cost reduction and site construction simplification.
  5. Precise control of the drilling process, unmistakable definition of the base layer depth.
  6. Possibility of boulders crushing in the sinking area.
  7. The ability to use piles in the foundation manufacturing on landslide-prone slopes.

The high long-bearing capacity of the pile (up to 1500 tons) defines the widespread use of bored piles arrangement under the casing pipe protection in bridge engineering and transport building.

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