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Steel towers

Construction company «MASSIV» appeared in 2005. One of the area of activity is the construction of buildings and constructions, installation of the towers, some or all of the building designs, made in part or in whole.

From conventional tower constructions differ in that:

  • height of constructions larger than the base and the cross section;
  • the mass have secondary importance compared to the wind load;
  • mass of technological equipment in comparison with the mass of constructions is insignificant.

For the mounting works are used of mobile hoisting tools and elements that are composed of several details. Installation technological steel structures is a complex and labour-consuming process because in each case used individual metal constructions and atypical installation.

Advantages of towers:

  • a small built-up area;
  • reliability during operation;
  • great aesthetic which associated with the absence of stretch marks and braces;
  • there is no need for periodic replacement and adjustment of stretch marks.

Methods of construction towers

The most popular methods are following:

  • traditional (bottom to top) longline construction, building structures;
  • assembling the tower in a horizontal position on the ground which is then set by rotating around a hinge in a vertical position;
  • assembly in a vertical position which starts from the upper constructions, following their rise, summary other constructions to fully extend the entire tower.

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