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Improvement of territory

Each resident of Northern capital cares of landscaping and private territory moving into a new house or buying land. This territory improves after repair and road construction works, focusing on the measures for improving the appearance of the transport way, land and surrounding areas.

Landscaping in St. Petersburg

Company «GK«MASSIV» provides improvement of private and communal territories (enterprises, educational establishments, houses, cottages, courts) in St. Petersburg and area, executing the followings works:

  • cleaning of territory (felling trees, removing branches, stumps, fallen trees or ready to fall);
  • snow removal;
  • installation of communication;
  • design and installation of irrigation systems, lighting, drainage;
  • installation of retaining walls made of granite, sandstone, wood;
  • layout, alignment of the ground;
  • construction of platforms and decorative tracks from natural stone, gravel, soil, wood paving;
  • installation of small architectural forms: benches, pergolas, garden furniture, bridges, sports equipment, equipment for children's playgrounds, fencing;
  • installation or update new fences;
  • placement of birdhouses and other.

Mobile teams of «GK«MASSIV» performs the whole range of works on improvement using modern machines and technologies, new methods of construction and landscaping. All works are carried out in accordance with the certified technical task which is developed and issued according to the customer with his direct participation.

Improvement of territory is carried out throughout the year, work on gardening and landscaping carried out at the beginning of the warm season.

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