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St. Petersburg and the region often meet some occasions when it’s necessary to dismantle old buildings or installations. MASSIV LLC company guarantees the quality dismantling of any complexity.

Our Advantages — Significant experience.

  • Special-purpose hardware.
  • Highly skilled workers.
  • Day-to-day development.
  • Coordinated and effective work.
  • Low prices.

MASSIV LLC performs dismantling with absolute quality, that allows to obtain clean and suitable for any ideas area.

Process stages:

  • Design of dismantling.
  • Obtaining of licensing documentation and production schedules of future wastes.
  • Site preparation.
  • Building dismantling and demolition.
  • Regulating the recycling of construction wastes to the secondary materials directly on the site.
  • Organization of public services and amenities (landscaping).

Dismantling is performed with the use of modern demolition excavators with hydraulic shears that are able to cope with the construction of any strength. Work is carried out under the supervision of specialized equipment sensors and cameras.

Massiv LLC guarantees full safety of the process.

List of services:

  • Full and partial dismantling of structures, buildings and houses.
  • Chimneys demolition.
  • Dismantling of factories, concrete structures and foundations.
  • Dismantling of sewerage systems, sanitary ware, baths, floors and partitions.
  • Dismantling of pipelines, gas pipelines and wiring.
  • Dismantling of doorways and window frames.
  • Other types of demolition and dismantling work..

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