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The road construction

Building roads in St. Petersburg

Building roads in the Northern capital is important component of building housing estate and the landscaping areas. «GC«MASSIV» offers a complex works of road repairs with using modern paving materials and new automated machinery.

Many roads connect the transport network and residential objects, houses. From quality of roads depends comfort of motorists and pedestrians, views of surrounding area. So specialists of our company are working comply with norms, standards and provide a good laying of street coatings that serve many seasons.

Asphalting and roadwork in the Northern capital and beyond

The company carries out new urban roadway surfacing and restoration of worn paths. Specialists of «GC«MASSIV» successfully performs:

  • road building (construction) in the city and outside;
  • removal of earth, concrete, asphalt works;
  • road repairs (patching, full replacement of asphalt);
  • improvement of private areas, warehouses, fields, roads;
  • the delivery and laying of asphalt;
  • the layout and landscaping, improvement of territory;
  • laying paving slabs on the local area, in the area of parking lots, bus stops, pedestrian zones.

Technology of roadway surfacing

Technology of roadway surfacing consists of several stages: coating of road sand, gravel, asphalt grit, alignment of ground via grader, compact the base using rink-sealer, the process of asphalting.

We work in the private sector and areas of residential structures, cottage, garage cooperatives, organizations and warehouses. With the high quality services our teams have a reasonable cost through cooperation with reliable manufacturers of building materials.

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