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Electric energy supply

Private limited company “GOC “Massiv” Ltd. offers electric power supply works and services for all types of constructions: from blocks of flats to industrial complexes. We provide realizing and commissioning of energy supply projects regardless of their complexity level and scope of work. The highest level of executives’ professional competence, cutting edge technical equipment and vast experience are needed to perform those services.

Realization of construction energy supply involves several stages. During the first stage design development and approval are performed. The second stage comprises elaboration of approval documents (act of energy supply connection, act of network inventory boundaries, operation permission documentary, energy supply agreement, etc.)

On the third stage electric wiring, start-up and adjustment works are performed. These include:

  • electrical power transmission lines construction;
  • electric transformers installation;
  • installation of electric power meters;
  • indoor and outdoor power cabling works;
  • electricity-generating plants installation and connection.

“GOC “Massiv” Ltd. professional employees also achieve:

  • additional power facilities detaching and re-execution regulation;
  • temporary electrical supply for construction sites;
  • reconstructing buildings electrification projects;
  • energy audit and so on.

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