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Drilled piles– DDS technology

DDS technology (Drilling Displacement System – DDS or Full Displacement Pile– FDP) is based on holeflatteningprinciple that does not require soil extraction. Hole walls are packed by means of special operation equipment that isa roller. Continuous process of cylindrical hole formation due to soil deformation and compaction by means of compacting machine takes place. Owing to that compacted soil zone appears around hole.

Drilling equipment

Use of special drilling tools fixed rigidly on drilling machine makes possible drilling piles installation through packed beds of sand. If any obstacle like boulder occurs one should just change rock cutting tool for starting borer and continue drilling without losing a pile. Use of rollerprovides drilling of 400mm, 450mm, 650mm and 800mm holes with smooth and solid walls.

Price of drilling works depends upon:

  • Type of piles (applied technology, pile section);
  • Object distance;
  • Project complexity;
  • Characteristics of soil;
  • Installation depth;
  • Volume of works.

Price is calculated for each object individually on the basis of the above-mentioned factors.

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