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Wooden structures assembly

Wooden buildings and structures have always been popular due to their durability, solidity, ecological properties, and quick assembly. “GC “Massive” company’s teams are experienced in working with any configurations of wooden structures and offer quality services of their quick assembling.

Our services:

  • Complex assembly of fabricated wooden structures (cottages, saunas, county houses, verandas and other objects);
  • Log house assembly (laminated board, rounded log, split log)
  • Roofing, finishing works;
  • Door assembly, arcs, flights installation;
  • Flooring installation;
  • Ballasted roofs;
  • Wooden ladders crafting;
  • On customer’s request – service lines, wiring, interior finishing and repair works in the built indoors.

Wooden structures assembly by “GC “Massive”

OOO “GC “Massive” undertakes a full list of works concerning wooden structures assembly. In the process of works we use maneuver up to date special machines (hoisters, gin poles, cranes and other vehicles), attachment mounting devices (steering rods, dowels and bolts), sealants and thermo isolation.

Our working teams are made up of professionals who perform quick and quality assembly of main and additional wooden structures. Prior to start assembling of fabricated constructions we check the attachments durability and fit the structure elements which guarantee structural reliability.

Wooden structures and buildings assembly

Competent wooden structures and buildings assembly performed by OOO “GC “Massive” by your order is done in compliance with all the requirements and standards; it reduces construction works time, providing attractive look and long life of ready object.

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