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Installation of reinforced concrete structures

Installation of reinforced concrete structures

Installation of concrete structures in the Northern capital is often an integral part of the technological process of building, because most of the buildings of the city is being built from a combination of reinforcement and concrete. The professionals of the group company «MASSIV» perform the installation of reinforced concrete constructions in the city and beyond, including the installation of foundations, construction blocks, columns, walls and other elements of compliance with building codes that ensure reliability and durability constructed objects.

Construction of reinforced concrete structures by «GC«MASSIV»

Work of mounting, installation of reinforced concrete structures performed in any season. We work in different sectors of construction:

  • building of houses;
  • public buildings;
  • racks, bins;
  • bridges, quays;
  • take-off runways;
  • and much more.

Advantages of steel frame are profitable, resistant of fire and earthquake, low costs because don't required lifting equipment and other.

Installation of reinforced concrete constructions

Installation and assembly of reinforced concrete constructions by specialist of GC «MASSIV» is carried out in a short time. The process involves:

  • transport and preparatory operations, delivery structures in the place of installation;
  • reinforcement works;
  • creating the formwork;
  • concreting;
  • the installation of foundation;
  • construction of underground parts of buildings;
  • the construction of columns, ventilation blocks, beams of the future building.

The cost of installation depends on the size, complexity, number of connections, the transport distance. You can refine it managers of «GC «MASSIV».

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