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Finishing works

No matter how much effort is used for constructing or restoring an accommodation, it will be of no use without a nice finishing {Touch-Up}. For a superior finish and pleasant work, invite specialists from company “GK MASSIV” LLC. Experienced personnel’s from this institution do the interior finishing for newly constructed houses, apartments, offices, cottages and private houses. Using latest tools & equipment they guarantee a fine finish and result.

Implementation of all projects on the frontage and interior decoration of premises

The crew of private limited company “GK MASSIV” LLC constructs an aesthetic and comfortable interior, designed for long term use. You can refer to developed project or order us for a new one. Please go through the company’s portfolio. We shall give you consultation on applied material & technology, help you select and then start the work.

  • Exterior finish of the premises:
    • Padding nets;
    • Plaster work;
    • Wall putty work;
    • Arrangement of plinth, stone or brick cladding;
    • Installation of fretwork;
    • Heating
  • Installing electric line, cables and replacement of old wiring.
  • Distemper & emulsion work, coloring of walls.
  • Interior finishing {decorative work} of residences, offices and apartments:
    • Dismantling of old doors windows and finishing of old wall coatings.
    • Floor decoration- tiles, floor leveling, laying laminate, floor polishing etc.
    • Ceiling finishing- coloring, wallpapering, installation of suspended ceilings and false roofing.
    • Wall furnishing- decoration, coloring, wallpapering, tile work, decorative plastering etc.

If you are planning to reconstruct or repair your residence, home, apartment, cottage or office in St. Petersburg or in Petersburg district, please do contact us. We shall make your premises comfortable and cozy. You will not regret after taking the services of “GK MASSIV” LLC

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