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Construction of steel reservoirs

Metal reservoirs are widely used in various fields of industry. Some products provide the ability to store water, harsh chemicals, oil and oil products. Manufacture reservoir parks of our company (and also tank farm) are characterized by excellent quality which ensures long-life safe and reliable operation.

Metal reservoirs in St. Petersburg

We offer variety of different constructions of tanks and reservoirs for storage and transporting of any type of technical liquids including water containers.

Construction of the tank farm includes a lot of works:

  • development of the project using special certificate programs;
  • manufacture of tanks (reservoirs) and them equip necessary technological equipment;
  • delivery and installation of the reservoir park.

Quality of products

We offer only certified products and the quality of which is guaranteed by our company. We use specialized welding equipment, permanent control quality of process. Our company use following methods: visually measuring, vacuum and x-ray control of finished products which are making perfect joints and absolute hermeticity of the reservoirs.

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