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Indoor engineering systems and equipment construction

“GOC “Massiv” Ltd. (ООО “ГК “МАССИВ”) occupies its own niche in building industry of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Region. Our company performs buildings construction works and provides services of indoor engineering systems and equipment installation. Company’s professional employees have strong experience and guarantee the quality of works execution.

Indoor engineering systems and equipment construction in Saint-Petersburg

Indoor engineering systems construction is rightfully considered one of the last building process phases. It’s hard to overestimate its importance for constructed building operation. Indoor engineering systems are as much vital as systems of living body.

Installation works are performed by qualified personnel with the use of up-to-date machinery and equipment. It makes conditions for safety, user-friendly and reliability day-to-day operation of indoor engineering systems.

Indoor engineering systems commonly refer to:

  • Pipelines what are the components of heating, sewerage and water distribution systems;
  • electric wiring what provides building with lightning and electrical equipment with power supply;
  • ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • gas pipelines what requires especial attention to them and also reliable materials and components application;
  • Plumbing fittings including control and metering devices.

Living in the buildings where indoor engineer systems installation works were not done is impossible. The process of engineer systems construction what includes numerous kinds of works is performed before walls plastering.

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